The Unpardonable Sin

The Unpardonable Sin
The term “unpardonable sin” is not found in the Bible, but the truth of it is found in the Bible.
Please read these passages:
Genesis 6:3, 17 and 7:17-24
Matthew 12:31-32
Mark 3:22-30
Romans 1:24-28
John 3:36
Persistent rejection of the Lord is dangerous. The longer someone refuses to be saved, the more likely they will never accept the Lord.
Continued unbelief is awful. Rejection of Jesus will lead you into eternity a lost sinner, separated from God, and to eternal death and punishment in hell.
Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, and He tasted death for everyone. He bore our sin on the cross. He was buried and rose again on the third day.
My lost friends, will you come to Jesus today?
“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”

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