Treble Clef C Instruments (BT01) Hymnal Orchestrations


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Bible Truth Hymns Orchestration
Treble Clef C Instruments – Flute, Oboe & Violin
Melody 8va / Alto 8va


Please Note: The book is printed offsite so it is possible that the book may be placed on backorder if we are out of stock when ordering.


Intro:  This book is designed to be an instrumental accompaniment to Bible Truth Hymns. Special efforts have been taken to make the book accessible for the limited player.  The primary focus was to have a high readability.  An advanced player will be able to play out of the hymnal with embellishments.  This book provides material for the less advanced.  Praising the Lord does not have to be fancy, but should be done to the best of one’s abilities.  The format of this book will be an aid to quality playing for all.  Each book consists of a two-line system, the melody for an instrument and an appropriate harmony part.  With a minimum of four players, a complete harmony may be provided.  One player is all that is needed to start an accompaniment group.  It is my desire that this book allow instrumentalists to fulfill God’s command to praise Him with instruments.  As in all things, we are to Praise our Lord and Savior.  Daniel E. Stockton


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