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The Bible Truth Music Chorale and Drama Team

The Lamb of Bethlehem takes the prophecy of the virgin birth and explores the social aspects of the announcement of the angel, Gabriel. Though it was a miraculous prophecy of God, how do Joseph, Mary’s parents, and those in her village respond to the news? The gospel message of the Savior’s birth and death on the cross is clear throughout this poignant musical. The powerful song “I Choose to Believe” summarizes how God is in control of all aspects of our lives.

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Song Listing

  1. The Lamb of Bethlehem
  2. Heli’s Song
  3. True Love!
  4. Gabriel’s Proclamation
  5. The Lamb of Bethlehem – reprise
  6. Heli’s Doubt
  7. I Choose to Believe
  8. I Choose to Believe – reprise
  9. The First Noel
  10. Night of Nights
  11. He Is Wonderful
  12. The Lamb of Bethlehem – finale


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