Were You There? – Strings Quartet (DOWNLOAD)


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Arranged By Dana F. Everson

Difficulty: Highschool Level

This string quartet begins with a cello solo in a solemn fashion and then joined by the first violin in a contrapuntal juxtaposition. As the piece continues it is joined by the 2nd violin and then the viola until a full ensemble sound is achieved. The piece modulates where the viola now carries the theme supported by the cello and then the second violin. Another modulation takes place and while the cello carries the theme while the other parts punctuate the ensemble for more activity. This continues for some time until, yet another modulation, occurs- now in a bold, strong manner. The final section is calming with the first violin carrying the melody and the remainder of the parts acting in supportive roles until the piece comes to a final rest. (Opt. Violin for viola).*

DES-Were You There? Strings Quartet Instrumental  Sample Рpdf169420

* The demo below is simply the music file being played as a midi file; it is not an actual instrumental recording.





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