God Is Taking Care of Me – Choral Octavo


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God Is Taking Care of Me, with God will Take Care of You (Songs of Revival Series)

Words & Music by Charles Towler & William Heaps

Arrangement by Elmo Mercer

This arrangement begins with a traditional sound of “God will Take Care of You” and moves to  fun-to-sing repeating convention style verses.  This octavo will comfort and encouragement both the singers and the listeners.  The bass section will love this choir selection.

A minimum purchase of 20 copies is required.

Reminder-This is a copyrighted intellectual product and copies should not be made as it is a violation of federal copyright law. One copy should be purchased per performer.

Please contact us if you need less than twenty copies for your group, contact us at btm@bibletruthmusic.com.

Words and Music by: Charles Towler & William Heaps
Arrangement by: W. Elmo Mercer
Difficulty: Moderate

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