Bible Songs for Kids #7 Sing-Along DVDs


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by The Bible Truth Kids

This resource is excellent for any church or Christian home and is a valuable teaching tool, adaptable to a variety of children’s ministries, such as Children’s Church, Sunday School, or mid-week programs. The text of each song is displayed on a television screen or projector as the Bible Truth Kids are singing the song. A wonderful visual aid to help children memorize these verses!

All Scriptures are taken directly from the King James Version of the Bible.

Fear of and Trust in the Lord

1. In the Fear of the Lord

2. Happy Is He

3. Be Thou in the Fear of the Lord

4. By the Fear of the Lord


5. Happy Is the Man

6. The Wise Receiveth Knowledge

7. Whoso Keepeth the Law

Humility and Pride

8. Pride

9. Riches, and Honor, and Life

Avoid Sinners

10. Ener Not into the Path of the Wicked

11. Consent Thou Not


12. A Fool’s Mouth

13. A Man Hath Joy

14. A Well of Life

Correction and Counsel

15. The Multitude of Counselors

16. Hear Counsel

17. A Man’s Heart


18. Sing and Rejoice

19. Life, Righteousness, and Honor


20. A False Witness

21. Lying Lips


22. Better than Mighty

23. An Angry Man

Fools and Scoffers

24. Cast Out the Scorner

25. The Ears of a Fool



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