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Our Mission

Statement of Purpose:

Realizing the power and influence of music, we purpose to provide local churches with Christ-centered, Bible-based music for special groups, choirs, congregational music and recordings.

Basic Objectives:

  1. In everything we do, we want to please God.
  2. We want to provide quality music that has Bible-based words, exalts
  3. Jesus, and sounds like Christian music.
  4. Money will not be a goal
  5. We will walk by faith, and use Bible principles in our business conduct.
  6. We are in business - The Lord's Business.
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Evangelist Byron Foxx

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Dr. Byron Foxx yielded to the call on his life to full-time Christian service at the age of 12. He began playing the piano for his church at age 13 and began preaching at age 15. He married his best friend on earth, Renee Parisher, July 9, 1983. They have two children: Micah and Rachel. He attended three Bible colleges, then served 12 years on staff at Bethel Baptist Church, in Hampton, VA.

Brother Foxx founded Bible Truth Music in 1987. Byron Foxx presently serves full-time as an evangelist with his ministry - The Byron Foxx Evangelistic Association. He preaches about 500 times per year, being in 1-3 churches every week. He is also enjoying his work with Faith Wins, an organization dedicated to educating, activating, and mobilizing faith leaders, helping them leverage their influence and impact within the governmental and political arena.

The Foxxes are members of Calvary Baptist Church of Smithfield, VA. Their pastor is Brother Greg Gray.

Byron Foxx Evangelistic Association

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