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About BTM

Over 7,000 churches across America have used Bible Truth Music. All of our music is Christ-centered, Bible-based, and within reach of the average church choir! Our writers and arrangers are some of the finest. They include Harold DeCou, W. Elmo Mercer, Glenn & Jan Christianson, Steve & Jennifer Hall, Brett Bedwell, Dennis Stremming, Larry Brubaker, David Hill, Mike Hill; in addition to Byron and Renee Foxx.

About Evangelist Byron Foxx


Dr. Byron Foxx was born January, 1964. He has lived most of his life in his hometown of Newport News, VA, where he currently resides. Brother Foxx was saved May 18, 1972. He received Jesus Christ as his Savior that night following a message preached about the crucifixion of our Lord. At age 12, Brother Foxx yielded to the call on his life to full-time Christian service. He began playing the piano for his church at age 13, and began preaching at age 15. He married his best friend on earth, Renee Parisher, July 9, 1983. They have two children: Micah and Rachel. He attended three Bible colleges, then served 12 years on staff at Bethel Baptist Church, in Hampton, VA. He started Bible Truth Music in 1987 and serves today as president/founder. Since Oct 21, 1994, Brother Foxx has worked full-time as an evangelist. He preaches about 500 times per year, being in 1-3 churches every week. The Foxxs' are members of Calvary Baptist Church of Smithfield, VA. Their pastor is Brother Greg Gray.

Bible Truth Music serves over 7,000 churches with new churches coming on board weekly. BTM publishes music for choir, gospel songbooks, Christmas and Easter cantatas, piano books and recordings. Recent major products include a hymnal: BIBLE TRUTH HYMNS, and the very popular scripture song series: BIBLE SONGS FOR KIDS. The music is Christ-centered, Bible-based and evangelistic. Some of the finest music writers and arrangers today are published by BTM, including: W. Elmo Mercer, Glenn & Jan Christianson, Steve & Jennifer Hall, Cary Schmidt, Brett Bedwell, Dennis Stremming, Larry Brubaker, Larry Carrier, and Byron & Renee Foxx.

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